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Book Chat

I do like a good book chat and don’t think I’ll ever tire of those “Have you read…..?” conversations. Luckily, plenty of my colleagues are willing to indulge me in this and there’s always someone ready with a recommendation.

For me, the next best thing to selecting a book for myself is choosing one for someone else and I particularly love to browse new children’s titles. Imagine my glee when Mrs Nickson asked me to choose some new books for a Year 5 book club. We have some very accomplished and enthusiastic readers in year 5 so this task was an absolute joy.

My little book club happens most Friday afternoons and it really is a lovely end to the week. We’ve had some great discussions and the children have surprised themselves with how their book and author knowledge has developed. I think they’re all a little more open minded with their choices as a result of our book chats.

Here’s what Sophie and Rajwant have to say about the experience.

It was October 2020 when we first started Book Chat Group. We got our first look at the books and stated our opinions (from the cover and blurb). In the first session, we explore the books and scored them 0-5. During our chats, we sometimes ended up chatting about other authors and books. In one of these sessions, Mohammed asked what a trapeze artist was (the book was about the circus). We ended up watching a video which explained what a trapeze was so that was good too.

We always like talking about the different types of books. With Mrs France, we talk about what has happened in our books and what our favourite book settings have been. Then we end up chatting about the places that we have been too.”

What have you been reading lately? Leave a comment for any recommendations for our library. 🙂 Mrs France

10 thoughts on “Book Chat

  1. We have really enjoyed the Jake the Fake books recently. As well as the more obvious How to Train Your Dragon, Storey Treehouse books and Terry Pratchett’s Truckers series.
    Good luck with the book club!

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  2. My nearly 9-yr-old really enjoys anything by David Walliams and Roald Dahl. We are also currently working our way through The Chronicles of Narnia.

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  3. Oh how I have missed going into a book store ……there is something magical about the journey of a new story….new book ……new adventure. Note to self I must find a local book club to encourage me to try new topics. 😁

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  4. Your book club sounds amazing. My daughters read some of Benjamin Zephaniah’s books and poems and really enjoyed them if you are looking for recommendations!

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  5. My 11 year old loves Cressida Cowell, especially the Wizards of Once series…girl power & magic, what’s not to like?!
    The absolute best thing about books is that you can experience an infinite number of different lives within those covers, I hope you all enjoy your many lives!

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