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To The Manor Born! – Hello from Mrs Nickson

So, this morning I was tasked with writing my first ever blog with the clear instruction that I had to make it interesting!  Perhaps even FUNNY!  Over time, we will be adding to this blog and thinking about it, I’d like to think that this space will become another welcoming part of our school community where we can begin to highlight what makes our school the wonderful, unique, and friendly place I love.   

This week I am thinking let’s make it all about our quirks or in my case…OBSESSIONS! 

Those of your who know me as Mrs Nickson, will know that I have worked across both schools in Ribbleton since 2013 and have most likely taught your children.  Some of you may have had more contact with me than others but hopefully all of you know who I am…the tall lady with the blonde hair and I don’t mean Mrs Gaitens (our School Business Manager). 

What you won’t know about me, but that the children will, is my obsessions…ask any child or staff member in this school and they will tell you about 2 things I am mad crazy about…the first being Sharks and the second being Christmas!  This week however, I also revealed my 3rd obsession and I don’t think they quite realise how BIG this obsession is yet! 

This weekend some of you may have celebrated ‘Halfmas’ or ‘Junemas’, the 25th June being the half way point to Christmas.  In the Nickson Household this is a long held tradition and Mr N and I both put on our Christmas attire, cook a turkey and watch Christmas films in our shorts and festive jumpers.  Alas, ‘Halfmas’ is on hold until 25th July 2021 and this is the reason WHY… 

Over the weekend, I was instructed by Mr N that we were going on an epic adventure, therefore forgoing my usual Turkey eating celebrations (Cue Mrs N grumbles!) 

As it turns out, the hubby did well as I was going to spend my day at Downton Abbey!  For quite some time I have had a love of all things Downton Abbey.  I have watched it through from start to finish 6 times…6 times people, a grand total of 312 hours..hmm that’s not including the films!  

I never get bored of it…and there is a new film out at CHRISTMAS…Can you see how these obsessions keep being fed! 

To visit such a beautiful place, surrounded by nature, wonder and privilege got me thinking, (brace yourselves this could end badly!) 

As I wandered rooms adorned with the finest silks, famous artwork and awe inspiring architecture, I wondered what it is that makes me like it so much? 

I think I would have to say, the people (OK so I know they aren’t real but to me they kind of are…) 

I am invited into their lives, I see their ups and downs, the highs and the lows and get to watch them grow…much like I do daily in my job as Head Coach for Team RAMJS. 

The main character I aspire to be is Lady Mary Crawley, (she’s like a BIG deal on the show).  Lady Mary isn’t without her own drama and can comes across as a little scary (perhaps a bit like me) but at her heart and core she is wonderfully kind and never gives up on her dreams of a better world for those around her!  Her hopes and aspirations are to maintain Downton Abbey for the future generation, providing employment and sustainability for her community.  Ok, so I don’t have a big house to run but I like to think that RAMJS is like Downton Abbey because of the way we work together, through our own highs and lows to help our children grow into the adults who will be the future of our community, the leaders of change, the ‘sustainers’ of tomorrow.  That’s to me is a PRETTY BIG DEAL! 

Just like Lady Mary and all the other wonderful DA Peeps, Our RAMJS family never give up on our community.  We dream of ‘Brighter Futures’ for all and whilst it we might not be granted a Lord or Lady title or live in Downton Abbey, it doesn’t mean that we can’t try and make those dreams come true…after all, ‘To dream is to believe!’ 

For now, that is enough about me. Give me a platform and you will struggle to shut me up!  I suspect you can guess the themes you’ll be seeing from me in future blogs but what about you? 

What little school quirks (or obsessions) do you love?  What dreams do you have for your children?  What dreams do you have for yourself?    

Let me know in the comments and we can call this post our first collaboration. 🙂

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